Motorola Contest Suggests Moto 360 Smartwatch will be Priced at $250

evolveteam May 21, 2014 0
Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola just announced a new contest that could help one lucky designer score its upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, which requires contestants to submit their design ideas representing their own vision of the device. Talk about a clever way to market the wearable to the creative crowd. However, the company looks to have made a mistake in providing them with .psd files—documents that reveal the AVR (average retail value) of the Moto 360.

According the rules document, the price tag of the digital wristwatch will be $250. Surprising since the hardware maker has yet to even fully reveal the device. Does this necessary mean the device will launch at that price point? Let’s just say there is a good chance it’ll be somewhere in that ballpark. Would make sense since the soon-to-be-releasedLG G Watch Could be Launching This June”> LG G Watch will launch carrying a similar MSRP.

The contest winner will be notified on June 24, adding to speculation that Motorola will unveil the Moto 360 during the Google I/O Conference, which also takes place on the same date.

Would you drop that much money on the smartwatch?

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