Mortal Komabt X LiveStream Reveals Kitana’s Variations

Angelina Montez February 13, 2015 0

During a livestream from NetherRealm Studios, fans thought they were going to see a new character enter the Mortal Kombat X roster, but got a big surprise instead. The company announced that Jade–one of the more iconic female characters–will not be making a return. Fans where shocked as some tweeted “RIP Jade”, but not all was lost. You will see some of Jade’s moves such as her “Shadow Kick” in another female character, Kitana. During the stream they showed off some of Kitanas moves showing that this time around her moves will be more aggressive then fans are used to.

The team also spoke about how they wanted the female characters to have a more realistic look. Spiro Anagnostakos, the production manager of NetherRealm, made it clear that they wanted the females to be proportioned like real women. If you remember, the females in Mortal Kombat were current parts of the body are exaggerated, during the livestream they showed off a drawing of Kitana. The difference in her appearance is transparent.

Check out the Video where they explain Kitana’s moves and art work.