More Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Updates

evolveteam March 30, 2012 0
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Screens

With all these Black Ops 2 leaks surfacing this week on the Net, kinda makes you wonder why creative strategist Robert Bowling did the boogie on Infinity Ward. Just sayin’. The developer and publisher (Activision) have yet to confirm any information on the highly anticipated sequel, but new reports coming from MP1st have Treyarch Developer David Wonderhaar hinting at most of these rumored updates via Twitter.

Answering tweets from several gamers, Wonderhaar touched on the quicker health regenerating perk, which he said was, “prototyped and cut on Black Ops.” He added: “The game plays better when health and damage are predictable and constant.”

He’d go on to drop more BO2 clues, insinuating the map voting system will be brought over to the follow-up: “I like the previous map vote (after we changed it so you could only do it 1x). What I didn’t like as much was that a random vote really meant random (including previous map) from all maps in the playlist.”

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