Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review

evolveteam April 9, 2013 0
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Art
Words by Angelina Montanez

Imbedded with such a rich history dating back to the PlayStation 2 era, the Monster Hunter series has become an international blockbuster that’s been heavily praised in Japan and has garnered a cult following here on the domestic front. Having already made its rounds on the portable front after hitting the PlayStation Portable, Capcom has brought the franchise over to Nintendo’s latest two platforms: the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. With the former lacking software at the moment, it’s been really hard for the Big N to attract new audiences onto its handheld system. But with the promise of cross-platform play and a strong backing from the gaming community, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sounds like the sleeper hit both gaming companies (and consoles) can benefit from at the moment. So does Capcom have a title worthy of play or is it safe to say your 3DS will continue to collect dust till the holiday season? Let’s see.

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