Microsoft Smartwatch Could Launch in Few Weeks

evolveteam October 20, 2014 0
Microsoft Smartwatch

No longer content occupying the homes of most computer users, Microsoft is rumored be wanting to join the suddenly crowded wearables market, at least according to Forbes. The unconfirmed smartwatch is expected to passively monitor heart rates and work with multiple platforms.

Sources familiar with the project claim it will be able to achieve two full days of battery life, which is a slight improvement on Android’s current offerings. Almost more interestingly is the device is expected to launch shortly after being announced, to capitalize on the holiday market and beat Apple’s “spring 2015” deadline.

This is not the first report on Microsoft’s foray in to wearable devices, Forbes originally reported about it in May 2014, with Tom Warren of The Verge confirming it in June. Microsoft states they currently have no comment on such a device. Tom Warren is stating it is more of a fitness band with smartwatch features, but exact shape is yet unknown. The clock is ticking, Microsoft…