Microsoft Is Bringing Hololens To E3

Jager Robinson April 30, 2015 0

This is extraordinary news! Microsoft, along with Windows 10 and a full list of games, is bringing Hololens to E3!

If you might remember, Hololens was announced in January with a fully real demo. That is an important point to mention because people have believed that Hololens was a gimmick to be released in 5-10 years while Hololens is actually almost ready now! For those unaware, Hololens takes a different take of virtual reality and instead of placing you in a world, it places the world around you in your space. It is quite impressive and would change the landscape of the gaming community and work community drastically if it worked properly.

Microsoft has said, “Holographic computing promises whole new ways for us to create, collaborate, work, and play. We look forward to showing and telling you more at E3, the world’s premier trade show for computer and video games and related products.”

They certainly are excited about this prospect and the world should be too!

Check out the video above and see for yourself the wonders of the holographic landscape they can create.

In terms of actual gaming capabilities, Microsoft launched Hololens with a full Minecraft tech demo. While this is the only game that has been demoed on Hololens, it is safe to say that Microsoft is pushing hard for support and even announced that the Unity game engine will be fully operational on Hololens which opens up thousands of games to the Hololens project.

Remember everyone, E3 is right around the corner and with E3 means a lot of amazing announcements so stay tuned!