Master Chief Gets New Look For Halo 4

evolveteam June 24, 2011 0

I’m sure by now you all know Halo 4 will be hitting store shelves Holiday 2012. If you’re all dire hard Halo fans like us, then of course you’ve seen the trailer. And if some of you noticed, our beloved Master Chief has undergone a minor change in look. Frank O’Connor from 343 Studios hinted that not only will the protagonist’s appearance change, but so will his personality. In an E3 interview with Official Xbox Magazine, O’Connor, formerly of Bungie and the Halo series’ franchise director, had this to say: “There’s some story behind his new look…There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We’ll see in good time.” I guess will be seeing a whole new side of Chief, one that we hope will give him more life.