Latest Street Fighter V Video Showcases New Fighting System

evolveteam June 12, 2015 0

With E3 just around the corne,r Capcom has decided to give their fans a small sampling of what can be expected in the newest version of their flagship fighting series Street Fighter V and so far it is looking promising. Replacing the EX Skills from the previous incarnation players will be introduce to the Variable System, these V-Skills give players access to new moves that change how characters play and cost no meter to use making them a really good reusable source of free damage or combos.

Though by spending various amounts of meter these V-Skills can become V-Reversals an extremely potent and personalized counter attack, or the V-Trigger which is essentially this game’s version of the Ultra Moves, though some will be more passive than active such as Ryu being able to charge his hadoukens with electric energy after triggering his. It seems like this time around Capcom is focusing more on personal character changes then big overall gameplay mechanic changes and that might be what makes people pick up Street Fighter V and make it even more successful than its previous incarnation.