Latest LG G3 Video Highlights All the Phone’s Hottest Features

evolveteam May 28, 2014 0

Just yesterday, LG introduced its latest flagship Android device with the LG G3. With its target set on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the next-gen handset’s signature feature comes in the form of a 13MP camera that boasts image stabilization, laser autofocus, and dual flash. Some of its other notable attributes include the company’s new KnockON security system, Smart Keyboard that allows users to adjust the digital typer’s height to match personal preferences, and the monstrous 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU. Rather than bore you with a technical spec sheet, the smartphone automaker decided to release a video highlighting the device’s biggest selling points. Check it out above and see if it’s enough to convince you to pick one up.

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