Kratos Rips Gamers a new A-Hole in March …

evolveteam February 1, 2010 0

Sony has leaked the word that God of War III will now drop on March 16. Still may seem to far away for the dedicated consumers. Also, SCEA released the final box art, and lets us know that the new trailer of the game will debut on February 11th. A box shot of the Ultimate Edition has also been projected, which includes collectibles, DLC, and of course the game. If you ask me, the box art isn’t all that awesome. But let’s face it, inarguably everything can’t be perfect; we also know GOF3 probably might be the closest thing to it. Hit the jump for a look at the Ultimate Edition Box Art:

Oh yea, 7-Eleven and Mountain Dew joining the media massacre and will be producing the Kratos Fury Slurpee, which will include DLC content, available on February 1.