Jurassic Park IV Script “Must Be Good” Or Film Stays In Development Purgatory

evolveteam December 5, 2011 1
Jurassic Park IV Script

If you ask Steven Spielberg what’s the progress on Jurassic Park IV, you won’t get much of an update, especially since the project has been in development for nearly a decade. Now speaking with Kathleen Kennedy, that might get you somewhere, as Collider caught up with Spielberg’s producing partner, who spilled on the need for a great script before green lighting the fourth film: “A great script is what it’s gonna take to get a fourth Jurassic Park…We have a very high bar for ourselves because we’re just like the audience, we don’t wanna make the movie if there’s not a reason to make the movie…So we’ve gotta find a good reason for why we’re doing a fourth Jurassic Park and we’re in the midst of working on that right now.” Spielberg promised a better developed storyline and that we would see the film made one day. Whether he’s still attached to direct…that’s another story.