Joss Whedon Says No Director’s Cut For ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

evolveteam July 15, 2015 0
Avengers Age of Ultron Director's Cut

According to a report on Collider, Joss Whedon answered a question many have been asking ever since the release of Age of Ultron: will there be a director’s cut with all of the extra footage from filming? If Whedon has it his way, the answer is no—for now.

Speaking on the NerdHQ panel at Comic-Con 2015 this past weekend, Whedon explained that he is typically hesitant to continue working on a project once it is complete, saying, “If I tell a story, I want that to be the story I told.” He also admitted that he is lazy, and that compiling a director’s cut, “sounds like it would be hard.” Whedon acknowledged the fact that some felt that the film was rushed at certain points, admitting, “Ultron may have some transitions that I’m not 100% on board with,” but admitted that the project itself was, “ridiculously personal” and, “the narrative came together very close to the way that I hoped it would.”

However, Whedon also shared that there will be several new scenes in the DVD extras taken from the original three-and-a-half-hour cut of the film, so fans will still have access to never-before seen material as a sort of compromise.