iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues Cause Apple Engineers To Contact Owners For Solutions

evolveteam October 28, 2011 0
iPhone 4S Battery Life

According to The Guardian, Apple is having its engineers reach out to iPhone 4S users due to the high amount of complaints concerning the device’s weak battery endurance. Is Batterygate on the horizon? We wouldn’t put it in the same lane as the iPhone 4’s Antennagate controversy (not yet at least), but the Cuppertino Clan is said to be taking immediate action to remedy the problem. The Guardian claims one iPhone owner was directed to install a monitoring program by an Apple representative with no explanation. Another user reached out to the digital publication saying their battery power was dropping 10 percent every hour. That’s practically worse than most of the Android 4G phones on the market.

But Apple was quick to say the problem stems from corrupted contact imports via MobileMe or iCloud services, or Goggle’s Contact lists. One remedy the company provided is to delete and reinstall the contact list. Wow. That must have came from the Genius Bar. As of now, its been well-noted that the phone’s voice-recognition software, Siri, does not affect battery life, but there are no real solutions to conserving energy on the next-gen handset as of yet.

We actually found it kind of peculiar when Senior VP of Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, didn’t mention anything about the device’s standby time during the iPhone 4S official unveiling. Don’t remember? Maybe this image should remind.

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