Instagram Videos Now Endlessly Loop

evolveteam February 5, 2015 0
Instagram Loop

The latest Instagram update now allows videos in your feed to play in an endless loop instead of playing once and stopping. And the feature is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. This recent move takes a page from competitor Vine, which has worked its clips in the same manner.

The feature is said to serve as a convenience to viewers who look to re-watch short videos when sharing with others. Though many speculate the feature was integrated to attract more advertisers and push its sponsored video content. At the moment, there is no loop counter for clips like Vine offers.

It’s also been noted that looping won’t affect the app’s data usage and can loop when embedded on websites. Now you can replay the worst Super Bowl play call over and over and over. Well, that or left shark forgetting his Katy Perry dance routine.