The 15 Hottest iPhone 6 Cases Available Now

Linda Tell October 6, 2014 0
iPhone 6 Cases

Now that we’ve got our hands on the iPhone 6, it’s time to show off the goods. But while we can’t get enough of Apple’s latest handset, clumsy hands can lead to scratched – or worse, shattered – screens. And we all know, there’s nothing worse than a damaged smartphone, especially with the recent bendgate controversy taking place at the moment. Style and profile by looking over these protectively fashionable iPhone 6 cases.

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Incipio DualPro
Another winner from Incipio, this dual-layer case is perfect for those who want function without the flashiness. Snap on this hard shell case for shock absorbent bumper protection with a slim feel. DualPro has been a fan favorite for some time, and for the iPhone 6, it’s available in eleven different colors.

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Spigen Case Neo Hybrid Metal
If the iPhone 6 has one thing over its competitors, it’s aesthetics. Many iPhone fans elect not to cover up the sleek design with plastic casings. But this case will protect your phone without sacrificing that cool, aluminum feel. The Neo Hybrid Metal provides a smooth exterior, while the TPU composition absorbs shock. A suede layer ensures that the device won’t come into direct contact with the metal. This Spigen case is for those who like that glossy finishing touch.

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OtterBox Defenders Series
Our iPhones are our babies. Unfortunately, we don’t always treat them as such. For the iPhone owner who just can’t get a grip, this hard shell case features triple-layer technology to absorb impact and protect your phone from harm. Plus, with customizable colors, safety never looked so good. We know you wouldn’t ever put your phone in danger, but it’s nice to have that extra cushion, just in case.




Apple Leather Case
Nothing says luxury like leather. This case, designed by Apple, combines style and safety in one, slim fitted design. Choose from five different colors, all precisely dye-infused to leave a lasting effect. Pull out this phone case during an interview or meeting and you’re guaranteed to make a good impression.


BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber
When it comes to cases, the slimmer the better. Nobody wants to add extra inches onto a perfectly thin device. This carbon fiber armor is easy to install, fitting directly against your iPhone’s exterior. It prevents against scratches and feels smooth to the touch, while also adding a hint of style. This case is durable, yet subtle – a perfect in your pocket.


I-Blason UnityPower Rechargeable External Battery Case
It’s nothing new – battery life is the iPhone’s kryptonite. Combat your draining battery with this rechargeable battery case, perfect for iPhone users on-the-go. But this case isn’t like other charging cases; I-Blason has added an impact-absorbing feature to ensure that while your battery is protected, so is the phone itself. After all, what good is a dead phone?


PureGear HipCase+
“Clip It. Carry It. Prop It. Protect It.” That’s the slogan of PureGear’s HipCase+ for the iPhone 6. And it’s pretty accurate. This case does it all – it protects your device, clips onto your belt, and features both a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing and a compartment to hold money and cards. This case covers all the bases – everything iPhone owners want in a phone case is there, so you’ll never have to sacrifice one feature for another.


Urban Armor Gear Rogue Folio
For the folio fans out there, this case has got to top your list. With a water resistant exterior, an impact absorbing core, and credit card compartments, this lightweight case is everything you’ve ever wanted. And if you’re not quite convinced, the Rogue Folio has the Army’s seal of approval, meeting military drop-test standards. Choose between four killer designs for the ultimate folio case.


Grovemade Maple and Leather
Known for combining elegance and function, Grovemade has done it again with their Maple and Leather case. Complete with a folio cover that doubles as a stand, this case introduces nature to machinery with hand-sanded wood. There’s something soothing about the case’s earthy tones, not to mention the fact that it provides complete screen protection. There’s no doubt that this case is a natural winner.


Element Case Soft-Tech Case
This case incorporates one-of-a-kind wraparound technology to encapsulate your iPhone ensuring the ultimate protection. With a textured grip for easy handling and a credit card slot, Element has created a case that outsmarts its competition.  After all, smartphones deserve smart cases.


X-Doria Plus 
Protection paired with pattern is a pretty clever combination. Why choose one over the other when you can get both with the X-Doria Plus? The 3D layered design is unlike any other case we’ve seen, plus the wrap-around design shields your device from any bumps, nicks, or scratches. But this case is not only safe and stylish, it’s also slim, perfect for even the smallest of spaces.


Rockform Mountable Case
Rockform has taken phone cases to a new level with their snap-in mounting system. Using a magnetic back, these cases can be mounted anywhere: including bicycles, strollers, and golf carts. It doesn’t get more hands-free than that. And when you’re not hanging your device on display, the case seconds as a protective shell, passing a six-foot drop test. With a sleek design, four available color combinations, and unique mounting accessories, this case completely destroys the competition.

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Case-Mate Stand Folio
Another folio fan favorite, this case is the essence of professionalism. The design is modern, but doesn’t go overboard with flashy features. While the exterior looks modest, there’s nothing simple about this case. With front and back protection, room for two credit cards, and a microfiber interior, this case is a catch.

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Bit My Apple Radius v2
Dubbed the iPhone bikini, this is not your conventional iPhone case. In fact, it’s not a case at all. With a minimal, but effective design, this tool will protect your phone without interfering with the device’s slim appearance. The Radius v2 creates a small barrier between surfaces and your phone’s screen, preventing scratched or shattered glass. While this tool will ensure that your device is fully protected, you’ll barely even know it’s there.

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Pantone Universe
Add some much-needed color to your iPhone with the Pantone Universe. The variety of colors available, along with a promising bumper protection, brings life to your device without sacrificing its safety. The striking colors will remind you that the handset is safe and sound within the hard shell cover.