Hitman Sniper Preview: iOS Gameplay, Future Maps/Weapons & Leaderboards

evolveteam October 27, 2014 0

Sniping has always been a fan-favorite in gaming. And with the Hitman franchise, players have gotten the chance to showcase their assassin skills. Now, Square Enix brings its most beloved stealth action series to the mobile front. In Hitman Sniper you are given one contract at first, you must take out the boss, then the rest of his crew, or you can take out some of his crew first then him. Agent 47 is not physically in the game, but you play as him. Through the scoop of your gun, it’s now made possible to mark your target and execute them with finesse on an iOS device. Recently catching up with the studio, we sat down with Ollie Sykes, Creative Director of the game, to discuss a few things: including gameplay, future content, and leaderboards. Here is a short, in-depth look at Hitman Sniper.