Heartbleed Virus Still Exists and Affecting Over 300,000 Servers

evolveteam June 23, 2014 0
heartbleed virus

The Heartbleed virus is serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. That weakness has allowed protected information to be stolen across numerous tech platforms: including desktops, laptops, and mobile. It’s usually protected by the SSL/TLS, which provides security communication and privacy over the Internet for applications like email, instant messaging, and some virtual private networks (VPNs).

Now word is that the software bug remains existent and putting over 300,000 servers at risk. Attackers can eavesdrop on communications and steal data directly from services and users so they can impersonate them. Well, there’s not much of a fix that can get most of the world’s systems patched cause it’s the Internet, and there would likely be left some vulnerability. So what can a user do?

The best thing is to be strict about logging into older, less-maintained sites that haven’t confirmed they’ve been patched against Heartbleed. Also, use a different password for every site. That way if a long-abandoned forum exposes one password, the other accounts won’t be exposed too. Fixed OpenSSL has been released so that service providers and users can install the fix as it becomes available.

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