Heartbleed Detector App Senses if Android Device is Infected

evolveteam April 11, 2014 1
Heartbleed Detector

Image via Android Authority

The Heartbleed bug has taken the Internet by storm this past week—infecting numerous websites, social media accounts, and yes, even smartphones. Google announced a patch for its signature services, but mentioned its mobile OS was largely unaffected, except for devices running Android 4.1.1. So what solution is there for Jelly Bean users in the meantime? Downloading the Heartbleed Detector app.

Created by security company Lookout, the software scans your handset and reports the results. Though keep in mind that if your device is affected, you’re stuck playing the wait game to remedy the issue. Why is that? Well, all partners (and carriers) must implement and test it before releasing an update. So remember to head into the Settings option, click on About, and select Software Update to see where you stand.

Better to play it safe then be assed out. Download the Heartbleed Detector at Google Play.

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