Hashtack App Brings All Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Photos Together

evolveteam July 16, 2014 1
Hashtack App

App creator Jeremy Greenfield got some support for his newest creation, Hashtack. From his earlier startup pitch this year at the Seattle TechCrunch meetup, Greenfield has been trying to get it to stick among users as well as sponsors. With all the popular social media outlets in one app (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), the users (Hashtackers), can like, comment, zoom or even repost or “retack” any of the pictures or videos on there.

Since Instagram is having problems with users screen-shotting plagiarism (people posts and uploading other peoples pictures without credit or acknowledgement), Greenfield made sure his app presented an appealing solution. One way it helps the situation is that, when Hashtackers “retack” a photo they like, the original description and name of the uploader loads with it giving credit where it’s due. A faint watermark is also placed onto the image showing that it isn’t an original post.

With the obvious changes that happen when reposting, Greenfield hopes that this will incentivize users from reposting other people’s photos without giving credit. This combination app also provides a special #hashtag feature, which lets people create their own and find all the pictures and videos that have been uploaded with it (i.e. thousands of #Germanywon pictures). Greenfield suggests that the app will appeal not only to everyday people, but also mainly to social media managers, content creators, and small business owners.

See, being able to directly engage with audiences on FB, IG and TW using this one app, let’s companies respond directly and more efficiently. I guess Greenfields van brought enough attention because the app has finally gotten it’s first round of funding. Up until now, he has been the sole funder on this project, so congratulations on the help Greenfield.

The app is now available on iOS and the Android app is on its way.

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