GTA Online Heists Finally Arrive!

Jager Robinson March 10, 2015 0
gta online

A year and a half… Maybe not what Rockstar wants to hear as their heists launch today but a full year and some change has passed since the launch of GTA Online and we are just now getting heists.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be more excited to finally try out this game mode, but it seems almost impossible that this fabled and long-awaited game mode can come as soon as right now.

Heists launch today, March 10th, with 250 new gamerscore and a plethora of new missions to boot. With the 4 individual heists, there are also a lot of new content releasing with this major 4.8gb update. There are new cars, new outfits, new content missions, new races, did I mention heists!?

The heists that launch today are a bit tricky to understand. Not only is there a designated heist leader that has final say and control in the outcome of the heist, but there are more than 4-5 different steps to every heist. With set up and crew job determinations, heists have been described as a unique mix between Destiny style raids and sneaking around like Assassin’s Creed: Unity co-op missions.

Whatever your style of play is, there is a heist for you. So go download that major update and finally play what we have been waiting for all this time!