GTA 5 Game Testers Wanted By Rockstar North

evolveteam January 10, 2012 0
GTA V Game Testers

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is by far the most anticipated game of the year. The tremendous buzz since its official trailer unveiling months back solidified that. But if you’re a GTA fiend living out in Edinburgh, Scotland, you just lucked out. How so? Well, Rockstar North is in search of a few game testers, offering a 12-month contract and paying an est. £14,000 to enter the beta stage. A one-year contract? Makes us leery of GTA V’s release window.

Anyways, here’s an excerpt of the game tester job description:

“Rockstar North is looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals to join our QA team in Edinburgh.

Successful applicants will have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to observe attention to detail. You will have good general computer skills and be a confident learner working with word processing, databases and spreadsheets.”

Such hard work, huh. Those looking to apply for the position can do so by heading over to Rockstar Games jobs listing section on their website (or click here).