Live Troubleshooting With Google Device Assist App

Linda Tell December 4, 2014 0
google device assistant

Sometimes your smart phone just isn’t as ‘smart’ as you’d like it to be. Maybe you’re having problems with connectivity. Or maybe your GPS isn’t working. We’ve all been there. Now users can access real-time, individualized troubleshooting with the new Google Device Assist app.

The app has two primary features: first, it’ll scan your smart phone, and make recommendations to improve functionality. If that doesn’t work, users can access live tech support through the app’s ‘Contact Us’ feature. As of now, the app is only applicable with Nexus Google Play edition and Android One devices running Lollipop 5.0.

So next time you’re fed up with your smart phone, don’t do anything rash, just consult Device Assist, available in the Google Play store.