Gollum Says Expect ‘The Hobbit’ Trailer Come Christmas

evolveteam November 15, 2011 0
The Hobbit Andy Serkis Peter Jackson

IGN recently caught up with the actor most famous for his role as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and what they gathered was some minor details concerning The Hobbit trailer. So when should we expect it? “There will be a trailer fairly soon, actually. Around Christmas time, I believe,” says Serkis. Some speculate the preview to be attached to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow, which is due in theaters December 16, but nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros.

During his brief interview, the motion-capture actor also touches on the film’s production enhancements, adding that it will be shot in 5K at 48 frames: “It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before…The brain has become so attuned to watching films at 24 frames a second. This is something completely different. It’s incredible. You feel inside it and surrounded by it. It’s really great. People will not be disappointed.” If that’s the case, this film trailer is going to look bonkers. We’ll see come Christmas time. Come take a look at exclusive EW on-set shoots here.