Snow Storm Nemo Giveaway: The Showdown Effect Beta Codes

evolveteam February 8, 2013 0
the Showdown Effect Beta Giveaway

So it looks like we’re all trapped indoors for the entire weekend thanks to Snow Storm Nemo. Awesome, right? That means it’s time to stack up on goods, Red Bull, and get your PC gaming on while power remains. But what about those poor saps who haven’t received their GameFly rentals in the mail or failed to update their gaming library throughout the past month? Luck just might be on your side.

Paradox Interactive has just blessed Evolve with some beta codes for its upcoming 2.5D multiplayer action game: The Showdown Effect. Inspired by your favorite ’80s and ’90s action films, the PC title features direct streaming to Twitch functionality and allows gamers to instantly launch TwitchTV’s streaming dashboard during in-game. Best part: it’s available in the beta.

Interested in one? Tweet us at @Evolveent with the hashtags #Twitch and #ShowdownEffect for a chance to win a Showdown Effect beta. We’ll be choosing five winners within the next 12 hours. The faster you jump on it, the better chance you have a scoring one. Visit our Twitter page to get the jump start.