Gamestop to Sell Exclusive Nintendo 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Model

evolveteam March 25, 2015 0
Majoras Mask 3DS XL Limited Edition

As of tomorrow everyone will be able to purchase the exclusive Majora’s Mask detailed 3DS XL model from Gamestop regularly. This was found out by a screen grab from NeoGAF that shows a memo from a Gamestop employee that the special model will be available in limited supplies at Gamestops all over America starting March 25th. Though when they said limited they were not kidding, as each store will receive only four of the 3DS each and each one will be priced at $199.99 though the pricing is still pure speculation at this point.

This is great news as people who have been hunting down this exclusive model have been met with outrageous prices from eBay or other online shopping sites with prices ranging from 400 to even higher than that. While this idea was initially launched in January it is finally being implemented and gamers all over are buzzing with excitement to be the first one when the doors open to grab their exclusive New 3DS models to hold over their friend’s heads.