GameQ Wednesday

evolveteam June 3, 2009 0

PS3/Xbox 360

Red Faction returns to next-gen consoles with Guerilla. Set 50 years after the original, gamers will control an insurgent fighter stationed on Mars, who fights for liberation for the newly founded Red Faction movement against the Earth Defense Force. Set up chain reaction attacks and ambushes by turning the terrain into rubble with advanced explosives and high-powered weaponry.


Tactical gameplay becomes advanced with this portable RPG. Take full advantage of the DS’ user-friendly controls as you dodge attacks and enjoy the twist of controlling the antagonist of two connecting tales. Control over 100 playable characters and recruit ghosts from seven different classes, sacrificing souls in the process of creating the ultimate army.

PS3/Xbox 360

The creators of the technically savvy Colin McRae Racing continue to revolutionize the racing genre with Fuel. Its free roaming environment expands to about 40KM, with over 5,000 square miles of terrain to venture into. Choose from a range of roadsters, monster trucks and dirt bikes and cruise through some on most visually stunning landscapes, fighting the unpredictable weather that comes with the territory (tornados, rainstorms, brush fires, etc.). The road is all yours.