GameQ Wednesday

evolveteam May 20, 2009 0

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo’s pound for pound heavyweight makes its triumphant return to the virtual ring. Lace up Little Mac’s gloves and dominate the heavyweight division with devastating combos and jaw-wiring knockouts. We’ll let you in on a secret…an unlockable character lurks in the shadows. Who is it? That’s one spoiler we’ll keep to ourselves.

PS3/Xbox 360

UFC has been giving professional boxing and the WWE a run for their money. Now they’re bullying their way into the gaming realm with Undisputed 2009. Play with over 75 characters, from Light Heavyweight Quinton “Rampage” Jackson” to Welterweight Diego Sanchez, and inflict severe punishment in the Octagon.

Ps3/Xbox 360

Those who remember playing Bionic Commando almost 20 years ago on the NES will find sheer enjoyment with this next-gen rehash. Swing through the demolished terrain, hurl you enemies across apocalyptic landscapes and shoot your way to safety in this third person action adventure. Don’t forget to download the NES remake, Rearmed, just for nostalgic pleasure.

PS3/Xbox 360

So with another summer blockbuster film comes another movie-based game. History has proven that most Terminator games suck, except Terminator: Redemption. So improvement, just like Judgment Day, is inevitable. Lead John Connor and the resistance to victory as you fight the Skynet regime and restore peace on earth.