GameQ Wednesday

evolveteam October 21, 2009 0

PS3/PS2/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii

WWE can’t stop and won’t stop putting out yearly editions of Smackdown Vs. Raw, no matter how much the gameplay value decreases every year. 2010’s iteration provides a “Story Designer” mode to create and customize storylines, plus share created content with the WWE universe online. Upgrades to the “Road to Wrestlemania” and “Create-a-Superstar” modes can’t do it any more harm.


If Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is completed or is maybe too dark for your taste (wussies), Super Hero Squad might be right up your alley. Inspired by the animated Marvel TV series, players can mix and match between a variety of heroes and villains, exploiting their powers for the better cause; whatever side that may be. Engage in 2-player co-op or 4-player battle mode and unleash you inner mutant.

PS3/Xbox 360

This bizarre FPS takes four gun-totting mercenaries and places them on the abandoned planet of Pandora, in search of highly-advanced alien technology known as The Vault. Wait till you get your hands on it! Sounds like District 9, but its not. Borderlands incorporates RPG elements, a 4-player co-op mode and additive first person action that we haven’t experienced since Fallout 3.

PS3/PS2/PSP/Xbox 360/Wii/DS

Taking the crown back from Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, EA looks to feed off the momentum of last year’s successful entry with Fifa 2010. Take full advantage of the all-new 360 Dribbling System, cracking ankles as you create lanes to reach the net; plus keep your skills intact with the new Practice Arena, where gamers can prep before big matches. GOALLLLLLLL!


Sony gets some more love from Rockstar Games, as the port to the best rated Nintendo DS title comes to the PSP. Chinatown Wars ditches the dual-screen action and recreates the same mayhem on the PSP’s singular screen. The addition of Ad Hoc Wi-Fi allows gamers to participate in head-to-head and co-op multiplayer carnage, partaking in an epic storyline filled with the typical plot twists, gun fights and bizzare encounters.