GameQ Wednesday

evolveteam July 29, 2009 0


Bust-A-Move isn’t just one of the most additive puzzlers out there, it also gains cute points with the ladies. Play as either Bub or Bob and collect as many “Cosmo Bubbles” as you can to help save the galaxy from that evil jabroni Devilin. Ok, so the story is cheesy, but you don’t play Bust-A-Move for the story now do you? Do You? Exactly! Get some multiplayer action popping and enjoy the mini-games while your at it.

PS3/Xbox 360

Yea, we posted this about three weeks ago, but its not our fault the game keeps getting pushed back every week. It’s that good! Fans who remember the 2-D acid trip that was Guilty Gear X will experience nirvana in BlazBlue. The Japanese arcade hit comes to the states and looks to put up a fight against the king of all fighters: Street Fighter 4. Pull off some of the sickest finishing moves ever experienced in a fighting game and choose from a bizarre roster of characters. The visually stunning anime graphics and hardcore game play make this fighter a serious contender.