Full-Length “Expendables 3” Trailer Exudes of High-Octane Action

evolveteam June 18, 2014 1

The newest trailer for The Expendables 3 shows a bit more of the plot than previous clips, while going nuts with action sequences. How crazy is this movie going to be? Seriously, a crazy rescue attempt that ends with a freight train running into a building that explodes into smithereens…you can’t watch that and not laugh maniacally, sort of like Harrison Ford does in the visual. It’s no surprise that this one will be so over the top, because it could very well be the last time the action icons star in these movies, what with the new cast of younger actors and all. How will all of these stars, young and old, fare together on the big screen? We’ll find out when The Expendables 3 blasts into theaters August 15.

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