Frank Castle & Rocket Man Reload Onto PSN

evolveteam June 24, 2009 0

Sony is slowly but surely getting back into this generation’s console war. One thing’s for sure, they’re improving their online content. PS3 owners have two titles to look forward to within the next couple of weeks—the return of two badass heroes. Well…one vigilante and one robotic savior…to say the least.
The Punisher: No Mercy will be Frank Castle’s first ride in first-person form. This title will introduce gamers to an all new perspective in the Punisher realm and focus on arena-based multiplayer action. The game will garner the Unreal 3 engine and will feature Jigsaw, Bushwacker and Silver Sable as playable characters. No Mercy is set to hit the PSN network July 2nd at the price of $9.99.

For many, Mega Man 9 isn’t a new title because the Wii’s Virtual Console and Xbox Live have ported the 8-bit delicacy to their networks about a year ago. But Sony has a special contest running for those who download the game. Winners will either win a vintage Mega Man T-shirt OR a downloadable version of Rockman: Complete works—a remake of the original Mega Man. This is the only option for gamers to own this special downloadable version of the classic. The contest is running from now till July 8.