Facebook’s Moments Takes Facial Recognition To New Level

Linda Tell June 16, 2015 0

This Monday, Facebook launched a new partner app, Moments, that takes face recognition technology to the next level.  The app can identify and aggregate photos of your friends within your smartphone camera roll. You can then send those photos to a friend with just a tap of a button.

Moments is the perfect marriage of facial recognition technology and a photo-sharing service. Not only can users privately share photos, but they can also contribute to group albums. So instead of clicking around Facebook to gather all the photos from an event, you can access the original file right from your phone.

Facebook has always been a leader in facial recognition technology. But it’s not foolproof; even computers err sometimes. Moments has almost all the ingredients for success: it simplifies a task; it’s an interactive platform; it’s a photography app. But if Moments can’t offer accurate and reliable facial recognition, it’s nothing. Only time will tell if the app really has what it takes.