Evolve Exclusive: The Motorola CLIQ Hands-On

evolveteam September 21, 2009 0

Ladies and Gents, Presenting the Motorola CLIQ—The only smartphone on the market to universally sync all posts, messages, photos and contacts to any of your social media networks (MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Last FM and personal email).

It’s custom screen, with live widgets, allows users to blast updates over the Internet, stream online feeds, customize updates and track messages from all your social networks. In addition, MOTOBLUR technology keeps contacts, login info, emails and other private messages on a secure server. You can cancel all APB’s put out on you’re presumed lost phone—the Remote Wipe feature comes with an integrated A-GPS. And if worst comes to worst, you can wipe your phone clean :).

Featuring dual microphones and noise cancellation technology, instant video playback, 3G and Wi-Fi connection—the CLIQ is the trendsetter for mobile phones this holiday season. Watch as this Motorola rep gives us a hands-on look of the CLIQ in action. Sweet!

—Alejandro Bracetti

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