Everything You Should Know About the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

evolveteam May 20, 2014 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Despite Microsoft’s line of tablets being a financial failure, the Surface brand has brought about incremental improvements that have proven its strong will to compete and succeed in a market dominated by Apple and Android-powered devices. We know you’re dying to crack on the Surface RT right now. Done? Good. But even though every tech expert will go on record listing everything wrong with the Redmond-engineered slates, they forget to focus on some of its more promising attributes: including the dynamic OS, phenomenal specs, and unique hardware.

Now the company’s ready to take its next huge leap forward by welcoming another member to the Surface family, which the PC giant claims to be “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” It’s called the Surface Pro 3, and yes, everyone is curious to know whether the device is built to hang with the big boys. Answer: Yes. But you be the judge. Here is Everything You Should Know About the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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