ESL One Brings DOTA2 To New York Super Fan Week

Angelina Montez October 16, 2014 0

The biggest eSports tournament has finally made its way to New York City. The Big Apple has seen a couple of competitions over the past few months, but if you wanted to see tournaments in huge arenas, usually you’d pretty much have to travel out of town. States such as California, Columbus, Ohio, and Atlanta, even overseas are where you can witness thousands of fans packing in stadiums. With eSports constantly growing and becoming a very big deal for the biz, fans wanted something they could witness in their own backyard.

During the week of New York Comic-Con 2014, thanks to ESL One, one of the biggest pro gaming competitions better known overseas took part in New York Super Fan week and gathered the biggest pro teams in DOTA2 and brought them to Madison Square Garden. Fans gathered to cheer on their favorite teams in the biggest tournament New York has ever seen.

Day One

Na`Vi vs ViCi Gaming
The first match of the day started with Na’Vi and ViCi Gaming. Now what shocked fans the most was the lineup that Na’Vi went with, as it was something fans haven’t seen before. The lineup Na’Vi decided to go with wasn’t a match for ViCi Gaming over the first couple of rounds, but the team did put on a better show when it came to the second round. Even though Na’Vi showed better play in round two, ViCi Gaming took the third round and the win.
ViCi Gaming 2-1

Secret Team vs Na`Vi.US
Na’Vi US was next, and since they represented the U.S. fans were hoping they would take the game, but Secret Team made sure that wasn’t going to happen. As soon as the match started, Secret Team made it clear they were taking this win. Within minutes Secret Team took down four of Na’Vi U.S. towers down. The second match didn’t seem as easy as the first for Secret Team, as Na’Vi U.S. put up more of a fight this time around. Secret Team’s dominance in the game helped them win with a sweep.
Secret Team 2-0

Alliance vs. Evil Geniuses
This had to be one of the most anticipated matches of the day. Evil Geniuses wasted no time, the team had an early lead in the first round, but Alliance wasn’t too pleased and made sure to capitalize on Evil Geniuses weakness, as the team kept missing there opportunity to finish the players off. Even though it seemed at time that Alliance just might take the win, Evil Geniuses came out in full force and made sure there enemies wouldn’t take this win from them.
Evil Geniuses 2-1

Cloud 9 vs. Sneaky Nyx Assassins
During the first match it seemed like Sneaky Nyx didn’t know what hit them. Cloud 9 started the game off with early kills, to the point where it looked like Sneaky Nyx didn’t know what hit them. In the second round it looked like Sneaky Nyx was starting to come to life and fight back, with the team finding a couple of pickoffs. Fans were hoping Sneaky Nyx might be able to take a round, but Cloud 9 wasn’t going to let that happen. Cloud 9 showed a great team fight and took the win against Sneaky Nyx Assassins.
Cloud 9 2-0


Day Two
Vici Gaming vs. Secret Team
The first match of day two started with Secret Team and ViCi Gaming. Fans were a little confused when both teams decided to change their lineup. As the match played out you can see Secret Team having a hard time once ViCi Gaming started invading there base. The dominance that Secret Team once had while playing against Na’Vi U.S. was nowhere to be found this time around. ViCi Gaming took the game.
ViCi Gaming 2-0

Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses
Fans went crazy just to see Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses go toe-to-toe. Both teams played extremely well so there was no telling who would take this game. Cloud9 became aggressive and Evil Geniuses didn’t know how to handle it allowing Cloud 9 to take the win. When it came to the third round it seems the tables had turned and Evil Geniuses became the aggressor, which worked out for them.
Evil Geniuses 2-1

Evil Geniuses vs. Vici Gaming
The match that everyone was waiting for. Fans went crazy as the teams took to the stage, knowing this was going to be an intense game. We saw Evil Geniuses’ aggressive game play in the first round. The teams pick offs gave them the lead in the game in which they needed. They also took down towers in a rather fast pace, making fans feel if they keep this up, they will be able to take home this win. Tables turned quickly. ViCi Gaming’s support and team fights made them able to take the first game.

Evil Geniuses didn’t take that last lost too lightly and became aggressive in game-play which allowed them to take the second game. While fans held their breath in the last round. Evil Geniuses started off as if they would be able to take this final round, but ViCi did what they needed to do to stop them. ViCi Gaming pulled off another team fight which sent Evil Geniuses into second place. ViCi Gaming was the winner of ESL One New York City!
ViCi Gaming 2-1