Elite Dangerous Preview: Gameplay, Open-Space Exploration & Oculus Rift

evolveteam December 24, 2014 0

PC gamers for the most part should be familiar with the Elite franchise, especially since it’s been in existence predating back to the mid-1980s. A massive influencer to some of today’s biggest gaming properties from Grand Theft Auto to No Man’s Sky, Frontier Developments CEO and designer David Braben has been the brains behind every title. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Braben began work on the next space adventure, trading, and combat simulator in the series dubbed Elite Dangerous, which looks to shapeshift the MMO-space category with a bevy of awesome gameplay features, unique FPS experience due out in a later expansion, and Oculus Rift support. Braben sells us on his galactic odyssey of the recently launched title now available on Windows. See why Elite Dangerous might become your next MMO addiction.