Dying Light New Interactive Story: ‘Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone’

Angelina Montez March 2, 2015 0

Techland has released a new interactive story for their hit game Dying Light In this zombie apocalypse making it out alive comes down to two simple things: night and day. All bets are off once night fall hits, and this is where players will have to fight for their lives just to make it to the next day.

‘Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone’ is a new story that will show players the drastic changes between day and night. In the trailer, you get to see daytime and nighttime side by side players will get a glimpse into how different the two and how you may have to adjust your gameplay accordingly. Players will be able to switch between the two and see how really different night and day will play out in this new story.

Dying Light is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.