Dying Light Gets Revived With The Following DLC

Jager Robinson August 13, 2015 0

Whether you were running, jumping, zip lining, jumping off of zombies heads, exploding things or looting drop crates, Dying Light made your zombie experience better. Well, for those who are fans of the game, there is a huge new DLC about to launch for the zombie hit.

The Following, which is what they are calling it, has Kyle Crane explore Harrans more peaceful countryside and deal with zombies in the brush. There is no release date yet but Techland promises the new map will be just as big as the full games map and the DLC will only cost you around 15 bucks.

So even if you are already maxed out in every skill tree, the new dune-buggy vehicle has its own skill tree so there is more to level up! RPG fans rejoice!

Stay tuned for more The Following news as we here it and be sure to continue parkouring zombies until your heats content.