A Dummies Guide To Buying A Laptop

evolveteam July 22, 2014 0
Buying a laptop
Words by Collin Hughes

So here you are: deciding on a much need laptop, and wondering where to start on making the right choice…

Should you buy a 13” screen or a 16”? Is Windows 8 really that much better than Windows 7, or should I just shell out the cash for a MacBook? What exactly is Chrome OS? Should you even get a laptop, or is a tablet going to fit your needs?

We know what it’s like to not really feel like a computer expert all of the time. Because the task of choosing can be overwhelming, we’ve decided to simplify your life, and created a little guide to simplify the laptop buying process–a reference tool full of research that will help even the simplest computer user to understand what’s going on in the laptop world, and make the best decision on what is the right fit for them. Get familiar with your new hardware.

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