Dr. Conners Back For Spidey 4, Raimi Talks Venom

evolveteam October 22, 2009 0

Actor Dylan Baker confirms his return for Spider-Man 4 at a recent Q&A session for his new scary film Trick ‘r Treat. He was unclear whether he’ll transform into the Lizard and become Spidey’s main nemesis, sarcastically claiming that he might just play a background character, again.

On another note, director Sam Raimi has been hard at work on Spidey’s fourth adventure, and with the Venom spin-off slated to hit theaters in 2010, everyone’s asking if both films will have connecting storylines. In an interview with MTV, Rami says, “It hasn’t come up to me…I think that the studio is just letting me work with the writers and trying to make the best stories possible for this universe…I don’t know if Venom is a separate universe or not.” Translation: Don’t ask him, he’s not working on it.