Doc Savage Movie Ready to Go, Shane Black Attached to Project

evolveteam May 9, 2013 0
Doc Savage Movie

According to a press release sent out by Sony Pictures, the film studio has green-lit the production on the pulp-fiction comic adaptation of Doc Savage. Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has officially signed on to direct and write the film, and if his most recent success story is any indication of things to come: expectations will be high.

Black will supposedly be working off the screenplay he pitched in 2010, which he co-wrote with Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry, but stalled on the launch pad.

Doc Savage is looked upon as the forbearer of such characters as Superman, Indiana Jones, and Tarzan just to name a few. An adventurer and all-around do-gooder whose mind and body was trained by a team of scientists assembled by his father, Savage goes on to garner near-superhuman abilities that give him super strength and endurance, along with photographic memory, martial arts talent, and a vast knowledge of the sciences.

The character first made an appearance in the 1933 pulp comics and followed up in constant appearances for various books and titles. There was even a movie in 1975 that opened to lukewarm accolades. With a vast amount of storylines to choose from, it will be great to see Sony can adapt an existing story arc or give Doc a modern twist.

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