The Division Stuns Crowd at Microsoft E3 Press Conference

evolveteam June 9, 2014 0

Many tuned into Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference to check out every Halo and see if any popular franchises were making triumphant returns to the Xbox One (*cough*Gears of War). Though many might agree the one game that arguably stole the show was a new IP, one that’s been highly anticipated for some time. Tom Clancy’s The Division amazed with its impressive in-game footage, albeit pre-rendered.

With stunningly impressive visuals and a full open-world experience that looks like it’s going to change the genre, Ubisoft hopes to publish its most impressive title to date. The gameplay from today showed just how expansive the world is, as well as featuring how the title flows through discovery. With a designed battle scene, The Division exhibited cool toys and practical multiplayer challenges too, demonstrating what makes it incredible: the environment.

We think its safe to say, it is going to be the most anticipated game of 2015 in the hearts of many gamers. Watch the footage above.