Destiny Players Required to Buy DLC Pack for Heroic Strikes

evolveteam December 10, 2014 0
Destiny, activision, The Dark Below, Heroic Strikes, DLC

Activision has come out and confirmed to all Destiny players that they must buy the The Dark Below pack or else they wont be allowed to play in this current week’s heroic strikes online mode. While the company have gone on to state that this will only be an issue during the week when new content is going live, it creates a bit of annoyance as those who are high level, but do not buy the expansions, are left with nothing as the standard strikes are taken offline for the entirety of the week.

This means players will either have to wait a week to get high-level rewards from strikes or buy the brand new content. While Bungie has gone on to claim it won’t affect players in the long run, it seems that they should be a bit more worried about the present as players may decide to stop playing as much or at all. The Dark Below is on sale now for $20.