Dasher App Makes Messaging Fun With Embedded Content Support

evolveteam July 10, 2014 1
Dasher app

Still photos are out; GIFs are in. But this isn’t breaking news, as over the past year, moving frame images, or gifs, have blown up on social media sites. But why limit these moving images to websites?

App developers have finally brought our beloved gifs to mobile devices with Dasher: a messaging app that supports “rich, embedded content,” including Youtube clips, segments of online articles, and of course, gifs.

But it gets better. With Dasher, users can edit or update messages to eliminate mistakes, or make changes to a plan. The ‘On My Way’ feature will track a user’s location to inform recipients of an event’s timing.

Forget SMS, Dasher is the new wave of communication. Texting should be limitless.

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