Crysis 3 Review

evolveteam March 1, 2013 4
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Words by Angelina Montanez

Following the success of its sequel, Crytek’s been itching to release its third installment in the series–a game we might add is spearheaded by stunning visuals and a new style of gameplay fans are sure to embrace once powering their console (or PC) of choice. Our lead badass Prophet returns, as his human personality blends together with his iconic, robotic Nanosuit. The developer’s experimented with open-world environments for a while–assembling an amazing atmostphere in the form of the first game’s Philippine island, and then with a more enclosed cityscape in Crysis 2’s version of New York City. The Ling Shan islands were simply beautiful, as it also allowed players to tailor their approach for each gunfight, whereas NYC was more miserable and confined. Well, if graphical landscapes are your cup of tea, then Crysis 3 has some sweets stuff in store for you.

Behind the power of the infamous CryENGINE 3 engine, the game improves on the elements that made the first two titles fan-favorites, along with an exciting multiplayer experience and amazing graphics. It would seem like Crysis 3 has the fancies to appease long-awaited fans. So is it safe to say mission accomplished? Prepare yourself for the hunt as you dig for answers in our Crysis 3 review.

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