Cool Apple iHome Concept Offers Home Automation Services in Small Package

evolveteam July 3, 2014 0
Apple iHome Concept

Apple’s already made it clear that it plans on getting into the home automation market, though there’s been no word on what type of device or services it plans on releasing in the near future. One Dutch designer Martin Hajek is thinking forward and went on to create a sweet-looking concept for the company dubbed the iHome. The iHome central hub consolidates energy consumption, thermostat, home audio, security and intelligent lighting controls into one small remote.

The device, which resembles a wider iPod nano is available in gold, silver, and space grey with rounded metallic edges. In comparison to alternative smart home technologies, the modified iOS version running the iHome includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s also said the technology will work across of all Apple’s iOS-enabled devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and CarPlay-equipped vehicle—providing continuous access to your household smart devices, as if you were home.

Apple’s smart home technology ups the ante on Google and Samsung’s development of the ‘Internet of Things’. Despite the small size of the device, it is likely to have a big impact. But its unveiling at the next Worldwide Developer Conference remains uncertain.

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