ChitChat App is Basically the SnapChat of Voice Messaging

evolveteam September 8, 2014 0
ChitChat App

As much as you might hate (or enjoy) them, self-destruct messaging apps are popular. Now another one has entered the arena in the form of ChitChat. Only difference between this and the rest of the pack is it’s targeted towards voice messaging mongers. It’s free to use and comes in handy for several occasions.

The app allows your contact to access and listen to your messages when they want, while knowing their VM inbox won’t be filled up with nonsense. It works by entering your phone number, which is basically your ID to connect with others, and offers the app access to search through your address book for ChitChat users. Simply tap and hold the contact icon of the person you want to speak with, hold it to message, and let go when done. That simple.

It’s only available for iOS at the moment, with an Android version possibly in the works for the near future.