Captain America Lives

evolveteam June 17, 2009 0

Steve Rogers isn’t dead after all. Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief John Quesada recently chatted with the Daily News and spoke about the upcoming 5-issue series, titled “Captain America: Reborn”.

Writer Ed Brubaker spoke with MTV news about the return of America’s favorite superhero:

“It was always the plan, but we just couldn’t say, ‘Hey, we’re killing him and we plan to bring him back…Originally, he was only going to be dead for six months, but the story kept growing and growing and becoming more popular. We didn’t originally have a plan for anyone else to become the new Captain America, but that just grew out of the story we were telling…It’s all been part of our fiendish plan,”

With the big screen adaptation in the works for a 2011 release, Brubaker informed MTV that the film had nothing to do with Rogers resurrection. Sure! Reborn is set to hit comic book stores on July 1st.