Bugatti 16C Galibier Super Sedan Rendering Looks Insane

evolveteam March 16, 2012 0
Bugatti 16C Galibier Super Sedan redering blows minds away

WCF picked up this insane proposed concept art from Macedonian graphics designer Dejan Hristoy for the future Bugatti Galibier super sedan. An early work in progress, Hristoy details several of the new updates he’s integrated in the latest rendering.

“The design has several innovative solutions that are shown and explained in the drawings. For example, the headlights which are hidden behind a panel when not in use, a pair of large Gullwing-style doors that negate the need for a B pillar offering an easier access to the interior, rear spoiler which is also the rear windshield cover.”

The rumor mill has been buzzing over this fantasy concept since its announcement back in 2010, but new reports have the car slated to hit the streets in 2015, with Bugatti supposedly working on a redesign for the Galibier. Take a page out of Hristoy’s book. Until we get the official word from Bugatti, just stare in amazement at the design. She’s a beaut.