BlackBerry’s Upcoming Top-Secret Phone to Carry Unheard-of Feature

evolveteam December 23, 2014 0
BlackBerry Top-Secret Phone

To reiterate the downfall of BlackBerry as a company at this point would seem cliché. Instead, it’s more interesting to touch on the company’s notable efforts to stay alive in a market it once dominated for a large portion of the 2000s: mobile. The company’s been hard at work on a top-secret smartphone dubbed the Boeing Black, which has been rumored over the past year. Now BlackBerry CEO John Chen has finally touched on the secret project last week stating he was “pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES 12 platform.”

While keeping silent on the device’s actual performance and special features, it’s been heard that the Boeing Black will have the ability to self-destruct when tampered with and supporting voice call encryption. It will also supposedly be sold exclusively to defense and homeland security agency members. The most interesting piece of information shared is that the handset could be running a heavily modified version of Android and not BB10. Looks like BlackBerry is more open to working with other companies this time out and not bottlenecking itself bankruptcy. Let’s see where this goes.